TRU Music Group Mission

TMG's mission is to bring artistic and entertainment value to multimedia projects with urban music. Satisfaction is in seeing a project completed and bringing joy to people through our collaboration, all while staying creatively motivated.

More about TMG...

TRU Music Group, LLC was founded by Tyler "Tye" Brown in 2012. Tye, 25, has been recording and producing hip-hop and urban music for about 10 years, always searching for ways to learn and improve. Tye attended Full Sail University where he earned degrees in Recording Arts and Music Business. He has a special blend of musical talent, technical abilities, and music business knowledge, giving clients the best possible experience. He can produce many different styles of music for the many different demands of the clients. The combination of these skills, gives TMG an edge in creating a commercially viable sound.

Why choose TMG?

Quality of Results. We put the time and effort in to make sure the music is creative and appealing. Engineering skills increase the quality of the mix. This combination of hard work and capabilities assures that our work is of supreme quality.

▪ Relevance. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our music and keep it fresh. This assures that our music will always be relevant in today's music industry. 

Attention to Detail. Making great music and running a successful business takes great attention to detail. It's all of the little things that make up the important stuff. Our clients have very specific needs and we are detailed enough to meet every need. 

Timeliness and Accountability. We seize opportunities when they arise and stay in constant touch with our clients throughout the process. When we take on a project we see it through and we aim to give the client what they want and more.