5 Steps to Creating a Great Hip-Hop Song

There is no exact formula to creating a great hip-hop song. As a matter of fact, the search for shortcuts has led to a lot of the cookie-cutter garbage we hear these days. The proper amount of inspiration, thought, and passion are necessary in creating a great song. It is obvious to listeners when a song lacks these qualities. If you're experienced at making songs, you probably already have a creative process. However, you can still get something out of this article. Beginners or novices will get plenty of quality information from this. With that being said, I have broken down the process of creating a great hip-hop song into 5 basic steps. So without any further wait, the 5 basic steps to creating a great hip-hop song are as follows:

  1. Beat Selection
  2. Concept Planning
  3. Writing Process
  4. Recording/Delivery
  5. Mixing & Mastering

This is not a formula that will have you instantly putting out classics, but more of a guideline to follow. Every artist has a unique creative process, but they all go through these 5 general steps. Each step is equally important and no great song is made without taking every step very seriously. If you've been inspired and you go through the steps with deep thought and passion, you can and will create something special. Read more for my breakdown of each step!

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