Non-Exclusive Rights (Example Contract PDF)

  • Use on 1 commercial recording
  • Sell up to 2,000 copies
  • Profit up to $2,000 on live performances
  • Receive high-quality .mp3 file instantly

Premium Rights (Example Contract PDF)

  • Use on 1 commercial recording
  • Sell up to 5,000 copies
  • Profit up to $5,000 on live performances
  • Receive high-quality .wav file instantly


Track-Out Rights (Example Contract PDF)

  • Use on multiple commercial projects
  • Sell up to 10,000 copies
  • Profit up to $10,000 on live performances 
  • Receive tracked-out .wav files instantly

Exclusive Rights (Example Contract PDF)

  • Use on unlimited commercial projects
  • Sell unlimited copies
  • Unlimited profits on live performances
  • Contact TMG for Exclusive Rights

Important Notes:

  1. CREDIT. Licensee shall acknowledge the original authorship of the Composition(s) appropriately and reasonably in all media and performance formats under the name “Tye Brown” in writing where possible and vocally otherwise.
  2. PUBLISHING. Licensee, owns 50% of publishing rights. Licensor, owns 50% of publishing rights. Any other agreement would be in writing before the Sound Recording/Beats would be published. Final recording must be registered with your PRO (Performance Rights Organization) with 50% credit given to Tye Brown - BMI. All publishing and royalties (50/50 splits) must be paid.